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Quick Description

The Simple Plan is for those that need help with monitoring flight and duty time limitations and to comply with FAR reporting requirements.


The Simple plan subscription includes an Operator Account and unlimited Pilot Accounts to monitor pilot legal, and aircraft legal checks.

  • Monitor pilot regulatory limits for flight and duty time limitations
  • Download, save, print required reports
  • Operator account + unlimited pilot (logbook) accounts
  • Electronic flight log entry to operator account
  • Monitor pilot currency, qualifications, and training for Part 135, CAA, EASA, or custom limits
  • Flight and duty time limits monitoring and reports
  • Electronic logbook (separate account from the operator account) for each pilot
  • Monitor aircraft maintenance and inspections
  • Complete your Part 135 reporting requirements with FAR compliant reports

Simple Plan


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Quick Description

Basic Operator Plan is for those with scheduling and legality monitoring needs when operating multiple aircraft and pilots.


Includes all the features of the Simple Plan + adds scheduling, and forecast pilot legal, and aircraft legal checks.

  • Set up and monitor unlimited checks (flight time limits/rest periods etc.) for each pilot; all checked when scheduled
  • Monitor pilot currency, qualifications, and training for Part 135 or custom limits; checked when scheduled
  • Trip legality checks for pilots
  • Aircraft legal check when scheduling trips
  • Operator to pilot communications tool
  • Pilot and Passenger communications tool

Basic Plan


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Quick Description

Full Operator Plan has all the features of Simple and Basic Plan + adds EFB for paperless cockpit.


Simple Plan and Basic Plan + adds Electronic Flight Bag. This plan includes FAA required manuals (and approval) for Electronic Flight Bag certification.

  • Part 135 Electronic Flight Bag certification and FAA approval
  • Manual storage and distribution tool for GOM, TM, Operations Specifications and air carrier required operating documents
  • Set up, share, and organize your manual system with Apple iPad user access 24/7

Full Plan


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Subscriptions based on per month per aircraft, annual commitment required for Electronic Flight Bag FAA approvals.
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